Internationalization of European cities’ tourist function: initial qualitative data analysis [publikacja]

Piotr Zmyślony | 15 grudnia 2014

Abstract: The paper discusses the internationalization of the tourist function of European cities on the basis of a survey conducted among members of European Cities Marketing (ECM) in 2013. In particular, its aim is to indicate the scope and extent of internationalization in three spheres: tourism strategy, marketing activities and changes in the organizational structure of DMOs. The following hypothesis was adopted: (1) the degree of cities’ interna-tional involvement stems from their expanded experience and enhanced knowledge of tourist markets so the foreign expansion is preceded by the success on the domestic market; (2) cities expand internationally promoting mostly the same urban products as on the domestic market but considering the diversity and character of selected markets; (3) internationalization of tourist function requires significant changes of DMO organizational structures.

Keywords: internationalization, globalizations, cities, destination management; destination marketing

JEL codes: F62, F69, L83, R11, R19, R58.

Zmyślony, P. (2014). Internationalization of European cities’ tourist function: initial qualitative data analysis, Faculty of International Business and Economics Working Papers 5/2014, Poznan University of Economics, 15.12.2014, 1-12. [PDF]


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