Global Science & Convention Alliance (GSCA): back in the game


After a time of suspended activity, the alliance established in 2013 by Adelaide Convention Bureaux, Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise, Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau and Toulouse Convention Bureau has been relaunched. Now it integrates a total of six cities, including Prague and Oslo.

Mission, roles, goals
Unlike the most recognizable metropolises alliances, such as BestCities Global Alliance or Global Association Hubs Partnership, the GSCA gathers less economically developed cities on the international arena (an exception is the Oslo case). Thus the alliance’s strategic approach based on knowledge transfer between partners and specialization, aimed at fostering their global position and boosting economic advancement, seems to be right in place. The member cities have undertaken to excel in high-technology sectors (healthcare, biotechnology, IT and telecommunications, robotics, aerospace and aviation) and seek to:

  • lower the information asymmetry level and to create an added value for associations through joint market information acquisition and exchange,
  • facilitate the bidding process and diminish its timely duration as a result of developed database of existing and potential clients,
  • produce synergies (meetings circulation among member cities, more efficient resources exploitation),
  • access new markets,
  • achieve long-term benefits from hosting scientific congresses and conferences (to develop local research institutions, to integrate the ambassadors’ circles, to gain market leadership).

Global growth
The Global Science & Convention Alliance brings together representatives of Europe, Australia and Asia. Yet, the GSCA assumes to extend its international range and to invite convention bureaux from Africa and North and South America to collaborate. The idea of further expansion stems from the intention to form a fully internationalized alliance, which covers all the continents.





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Getting to know Global Science Convention Alliance


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