Widoczność miast dla organizatorów spotkań [infografika]


Promocja i dystrybucja informacji o mieście należy do podstawowych zadań convention bureau. Ich powodzenie zależy od doboru narzędzi, wykorzystywanych do komunikacji z planistami wydarzeń. Z jakich źródeł korzystają najczęściej organizatorzy przy wstępnym poszukiwaniu lokalizacji goszczącej? Czytaj dalej

Social participation on the meetings market: local ambassadors stand for Convention Edinburgh

We'reOPEN-Marketing Edinburgh

Local ambassadors’ associations on the meetings market integrate specialists and organisations looking forward to bringing business meetings and events to a selected destination. The Edinburgh case proves these circles can be also a strong support in the convention bureau’s legitimisation process. Czytaj dalej

Global Science & Convention Alliance (GSCA): back in the game


After a time of suspended activity, the alliance established in 2013 by Adelaide Convention Bureaux, Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise, Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau and Toulouse Convention Bureau has been relaunched. Now it integrates a total of six cities, including Prague and Oslo. Czytaj dalej

Global Economic Impact of Exhibitions – UFI – Oxford Economics – SISO

Global Economic Impact

Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), Oxford Economics and SISO (Society of Independent Show Organizers) have released the global economic report on impact of exhibitions. It is the first study which covers the regions of Africa, Asia and Pacific, North, Central and South America, Europe and Middle East. Czytaj dalej

Cooperation between Convention Bureaus in Light of Empirical Research [publication]

Natalia Latuszek, Monika Dembińska, „Barometr Regionalny. Analizy i prognozy” 3(53), 2018

Abstract: The stakeholders’ cooperation in region (micro level) is recognized the basic source of cities’ competitive advantage in the meetings market. Though the cooperation also occurs between destinations (at the mezzo level), the existing studies rarely present it from this perspective. Cities on the meetings market are represented by specialized organizations, namely convention bureaus (CBs), whose function is to build and develop relations. The article aims to identify the significance of this function in the CBs operation, in face of progressive competitive processes. Czytaj dalej