Global Science & Convention Alliance (GSCA): back in the game


After a time of suspended activity, the alliance established in 2013 by Adelaide Convention Bureaux, Daejeon International Marketing Enterprise, Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau and Toulouse Convention Bureau has been relaunched. Now it integrates a total of six cities, including Prague and Oslo. Czytaj dalej

Cooperation between Convention Bureaus in Light of Empirical Research [publication]

Natalia Latuszek, Monika Dembińska, „Barometr Regionalny. Analizy i prognozy” 3(53), 2018

Abstract: The stakeholders’ cooperation in region (micro level) is recognized the basic source of cities’ competitive advantage in the meetings market. Though the cooperation also occurs between destinations (at the mezzo level), the existing studies rarely present it from this perspective. Cities on the meetings market are represented by specialized organizations, namely convention bureaus (CBs), whose function is to build and develop relations. The article aims to identify the significance of this function in the CBs operation, in face of progressive competitive processes. Czytaj dalej

GAHP Effect: Urban Synergy on the Meetings Market

dubai-pixabay-cc0 creative commons

Cities run business with associations through bidding for meetings and events. Global Association Hubs Partnership (GAHP), a network of metropolises formed by Brussels, Dubai, Singapore and Washington D.C., bids for more – the associations’ headquarters and regional offices. Czytaj dalej

Competitiveness of Polish cities in the international meetings market [publikacja]

Natalia Piechota, Piotr Zmyślony

Abstract: The international meetings industry has become very challenging from the destination managerial point of view. There has been an increasing number of cities bidding for international meetings and events. To be successful, they should meet strict criteria set by associations and other institutions acting as meeting hosts in bidding processes. Therefore, the aim of the paper is to assess the potential of Polish cities for competing in the international meetings market. A desk research was conducted to analyse critical resources divided into four dimensions: meetings industry, economic, tourist, and green. On the basis of this research, the overall index of competitiveness and the classification of cities was identified. Moreover, cluster analysis was used to recognise which cities have a similar potential in developing the meetings industry. The results show that the most competitive Polish cities are Warsaw and Cracow.

Keywords: Cities, cities’ competitiveness, international meetings industry, convention bureau, Poland.

Piechota, N., Zmyślony, P., (2016). Competitiveness of Polish cities in the international meetings market, in: F. Dias (ed.), A pathway for the new generaton of tourism research ­ – Proceedings of the EATSA Conference 2016, APTUR – Associação Portuguesa de Turismologia, 119-131 [PDF].