Global challenges, local sensitivities: towards internationalization of city tourism management [publikacja]

Piotr Zmyślony

Abstract: Globalization has affected tourism industry in all areas and dimensions. Its impact could be observed both on the international and local levels, especially in cities, in which global drivers are coupled to local conditions. The paper focuses on internationalization processes of city tourism management which result from contemporary globalization challenges. Six internationalization levels are selected: strategy, changes in tourism management organizational structure, inter-organisational collaboration, augmentation of a tourist offer, expansion of a tourism space, and international marketing orientation. The results of the Poznań case study show that the tourism management organisational aspects are the hardest levels to be internationalized.

Keywords: city tourism, cities, globalization, internationalization, Poland.

Zmyślony P. (2015). Global challenges, local sensitivities: towards internationalization of city tourism management, „Current Issues of Tourism Research” 5(1), 30-37. [PDF].


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