Competitiveness of Polish cities on European tourism market [publikacja]

Łukasz Nawrot, Piotr Zmyślony

Abstract: The article presents results of measuring competitiveness of Polish cities at European tourism market. First, competitiveness concepts derived from microeconomic and macroeconomic approach are described. Then, the methodology of measuring cities’ competitiveness is presented, which is mainly based on the demand and supply indicators. Finally, the competitiveness analyses is carried out. The research results show that the competitiveness of Polish cities at European tourism market is not very high, measured both by the value of the synthetic indicator and particular detailed criteria. It is international research orientation that reflects the actual competitive potential of a city and a wide horizon of perceiving competitors regains a natural development perspective.

Keywords: tourist competitiveness, cities competitiveness, competitiveness indicators, Poland.

Nawrot Ł., Zmyślony P. (2013). Competitiveness of Polish cities at European tourism market, „Actual Problems of Economics”, 10(148), 381-392. [PDF]

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