Kalendarz międzynarodowych konferencji turystycznych 2019 [aktualizowany]


W 2019 roku odbędzie się ponad 90 konferencji naukowych bezpośrednio bądź pośrednio skoncentrowanych na tematyce turystycznej. Obejmują one zarówno osadzone ściśle w danej dyscyplinie warsztaty, jak i międzydyscyplinarne kongresy. Tematy, jak przystało na interdsycplinarny obszar badawczy, wskazują na globalny, a nawet ponadglobalny zakres wiedzy.

Światowy rok naukowy w turystyce zaczyna się 8 stycznia na Taiwanie, kończy w połowie grudnia w nowozelandzkim Queenstown. Po drodze niemal wszystkie kontynenty, znane i mniej znane miasta i regiony. A lista nie jest zamknięta. Stworzył ją i opublikował Aaron Tham z University of the Sunshine Coast w Australii, wiceprezes TTRA Asia Pacific Chapter.

Do zobaczenia podczas dyskusji naukowych.

2019 Dates Venue

Title of Conference

8-10 Jan Taipei, Taiwan International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences
10-12 Jan Hyderabad, India 9th World Cultural Tourism Conference
13-17 Jan Longyearbyen, Norway Darkness
14-15 Jan Hong Kong, China Chinese Foundation for Academic Researchers (CFAR) 2nd Global Conference on Management Techniques, Economics, Business, Social Sciences & Tourism Research
19-21 Jan Sapporo, Japan 2019 International Conference on Business, Information, Tourism, and Economics (BITE 2019)
22-24 Jan Sapporo, Japan International Symposium on Social Sciences and Management (ISSSM) 2019
24-25 Jan Auckland, New Zealand 1st Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals Conference
30 Jan – 1 Feb Nicosia, Cyprus ENTER2019 Conference “eTourism: Towards a Sustainable Digital Society”
11-13 Feb Christchurch, New Zealand Regional Studies Association (RSA) Australasia Conference 2019 – Urban and Rural Wellbeing, First Nations Economies and Global Value Chains for Regional Sustainability
11-14 Feb Cairns, Australia Council of Australasian Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) 2019 Conference – Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality and Events in a Disruptive Digital Age
12-15 Feb Singapore 2019 International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (ICEASS)
13-15 Feb Andalusia, Spain 21st International Conference on IT Applications and Management: New Developments in Hyper-tourism

in the age of Digital Intelligence

14-15 Feb St Julians, Malta 6th Edition of Mediterranean Tourism Forum – Mediterranean STARS: Sustainable Tourism Actions and Renewal Strategies
15-16 Feb New Delhi, India 9th India International Hotel Travel and Tourism Research Conference: Food Safety, Quality and Supply-System and Certification
17-20 Feb Charleston, USA Active Living Conference 2019
20-23 Feb Evora, Portugal Gastronomy and Tourism: Reflections on Local Food Consumption in Urban and Rural Areas
25-27 Feb Fukuoka, Japan APCBSS 2019 – Asia-Pacific Conference on Business & Social Science
27-28 Feb Bali, Indonesia 14th International Conference on Economics, Business and Social Sciences (ICEBSS)
1-2 Mar Sarasota, Florida, USA SECSA 2019 Conference: Southeastern, Central and South American Federation 2019 Conference
6-9 Mar Viseu, Portugal International Research Networking Conference for Hospitality and Tourism
7-10 Mar Warsaw, Poland Shadow Places. Urban Strategies of Dealing with Painful Pasts
14-15 Mar Porto, Portugal International Conference on Tourism Research 2019
18-19 Mar Sharjah, UAE Transformative Business Models – Disruptive Innovation in Finance, Logistics and Tourism
19-21 Mar Daytona Beach, Florida, USA Southeast States Chapter of Travel and Tourism Research Association (SETTRA) Annual Conference & Tourism Research Symposium “Driving Tourism”
24-26 Mar Athens, Georgia, USA 2019 Southeastern Recreation Research (SERR) Conference
26-27 Mar Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Academy of International Hospitality Research (AIHR) Annual Conference 2019 ‘Local Food for Vital Regions: Facts and Myths’
26-28 Mar Kyoto, Japan The 7th International Conference on Business and Social Science (2019 ICBASS)
28-29 Mar Harare, Zimbabwe Tourism Research & Education Association of Zimbabwe (TERAZ) 1st International Tourism Research Conference “Bridging the Academic-Practitioner Gap: Towards Research-Based Solutions”
31 Mar – 2 Apr Clemson, USA 10th Anniversary Conference on the Value of Play: Play for Life
3-7 Apr Washington DC, USA 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers
7-9 Apr Annapolis, USA 2019 National Environment and Recreation Research Symposium (NERR)
8-10 Apr Dorset, England Travel and Tourism Research Association, Europe Chapter (TTRA Europe) 2019 Conference: Tourism in the Era of Connectivity
8-12 Apr Leuven, Belgium 6th UNESCO UNITWIN Conference – Value of heritage for tourism
8-12 Apr Macau, China Culture in Urban Space – Urban Form, Cultural Landscapes, Life in the City
12-13 Apr Las Vegas, USA Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Conference for Researchers, Educators, Practitioners, and Students (THEREPS)
15-17 Apr Arusha, Tanzania The 2nd International Conference on the Future of Tourism (ICFT)
20-22 Apr Taipei, Taiwan 2nd Global Congress of Special Interest Tourism & Hospitality (GloSITH) Conference
24-27 Apr Sivas, Turkey 2nd International Child-Friendly Tourism Congress
1-4 May Orlando, USA 1st International Conference on Smart Tourism and Technology (ICSTT)
2-5 May Sibenik, Croatia Proceed with Care – Proceed 2019
6-7 May Bali, Indonesia 2019 Bali International Tourism Congress: Global Tourism Trends and Competitiveness
7-9 May Osaka, Japan 7th International Conference on Social Science and Management
9-10 May Porvoo, Finland ATLAS Business Tourism Special Interest Group Conference
16-17 May Miami, USA Fourth International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studies
21-23 May Seoul, South Korea 5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Social Sciences & Management
21-24 May London, England 28th Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME) Annual Research Conference ‘Transforming Hospitality’
22-25 May Hong Kong, China Asia Pacific + Euro CHRIE cum 4th Global Tourism & Hospitality Conference
2-5 Jun Hong Kong, China International Conference on Wine Market and Cultures of Consumption
4-6 Jun Buxton, England Tourism Naturally Conference
4-6 Jun Hong Kong, China BREFM 2019 International Conference on Business, Economics, Finance and Management
5-7 Jun Santiago de Compostela, Spain Regional Studies Association (RSA) Annual Conference 2019 – Pushing Regions beyond their Borders
11-16 Jun Baku, Azerbaijan 7th Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference
12-14 Jun Kampala, Uganda ATLAS Africa Conference 2019 – Tourism and Innovation
12-15 Jun Athens, Greece Cultural and Tourism Innovation: Integration and Digital Transition
13-15 Jun Bremerhaven, Germany 6th International Cruise Conference (ICC6) – Cruise Tourism: Change Imperative and Dynamics
16-19 Jun Trondheim, Norway 8th Nordic Geographers Meeting
17-18 Jun Athlone, Ireland 15th Annual Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland Conference (THRIC)
17-21 Jun Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland International Adventure Conference (IAC 2019)


18-21 Jun Beijing, China International Conference on Social Sciences and Management (ICSSM)
22-24 Jun Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2nd International Conference on Health-Oriented Tourism & Hospitality (The 2ndICoHOTH)
24-28 Jun Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2019 People & the Sea Conference
24-28 Jun Ibiza, Spain Critical Tourism Studies Conference VIII: Pride and Prejudice Que(e)rying Tourism Hope
25-27 Jun Melbourne, Australia Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) International Conference 2019 – Navigating Shifting Sands: Research in Changing Times
26-28 Jun Danang, Vietnam Sustainable Niche Tourism 10th International Conference
26-28 Jun Pullia, Italy International Conference on Overtourism and Undertourism – Implications and Crisis Management Strategies
26-29 Jun Belgrade, Serbia 11th Annual International Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (IRTP) Conference
26-29 Jun Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia World Conference on Business and Management (WCBM) & Global Great Debate 2019
26-29 Jun Porto, Portugal International Conference on Tourism (ICOT2019)
27-28 Jun Cardiff, Wales 11th International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences: ICCAS 2019
30 Jun – 3 Jul San Francisco, USA BEST EN Think Tank XIX Creating Sustainable Tourist Experiences
1-3 Jul Okinawa, Japan International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (ISBSS 2019)
1-4 Jul Danang, Vietnam 25th Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) Annual Conference
8-9 Jul Zaragoza, Spain Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in Service Interactions: Trends, Benefits and Challenges
9-12 Jul Portsmouth, England 9th Advances in Hospitality & Tourism Marketing and Management Conference
9-13 Jul Venice, Italy 9th Special session on “Urban tourism, neighbourhood change and social conflicts: advancing the planning agenda for tourism-resilient cities” as a part of AESOP (Association of European Schools of Planning) congress
16-19 Jul Sapporo, Japan 6th Annual Symposium on Management and Social Sciences (ASMSS)
24-26 Jul Bali, Indonesia The 8th International Conference on Social Sciences and Business (ICSSB 2019)
24-26 Jul New Orleans, USA 2019 Annual ICHRIE
6-8 Aug Hawaii, USA The International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (TISSS 2019)
19-21 Aug Kobe, Japan International Choice Modelling Conference (ICMC) 2019
25-29 Aug Varna, Bulgaria 69th International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AIEST) Conference 2019
27-29 Aug Bangkok, Thailand 3rd International Conference on Tourism and Business – Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Business
27-29 Aug Tokyo, Japan Asia-Pacific Conference on Management and Business (APCMB) 2019
27-30 Aug London, England Royal Geographical Society with IBG Annual International Conference
27-31 Aug Poznan, Poland Tourism Solidarities: From Self to Other and Anthropology, International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES)
11-13 Sep Lublin, Poland Regional Studies Association (RSA) Central and Eastern Europe Conference 2019 – Metropolises and Peripheries of CEE Countries: New Challenges for EU, National and Regional Policies
17-20 Sep Girona, Spain ATLAS Annual Conference
18-19 Sep Bogota, Colombia Latin American Congress on Research in the Hospitality Industry 2019: Opportunities and Challenges
24-29 Oct Thessaloniki, Greece 3rd International Scientific Conference (Tourman 2019) “Tourism, Travel and Hospitality at Crossroads: The Way Ahead”
26-31 Oct Sao Paulo, Brazil The Political Economy of Tourism
20-21 Nov Bogota, Colombia ATLAS Latin America Congress
9-11 Dec Athens, Greece The 2nd International Conference on Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST)
11-13 Dec Queenstown, New Zealand 2019 Australian and New Zealand Association for Leisure Studies (ANZALS) Conference

Tutaj czeka na ściągnięcie plik z tabelą z dodatkowymi linkami do poszczególnych stron konferencyjnych.

Photo by Teemu Paananen on Unsplash


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