Tourism and the night-time economy: the perspective article [publication]

Piotr Zmyślony, Robert Pawlusiński, „Tourism Review”


Purpose – This paper aims to depict the evolution of the relationship between tourism and the night-time economy (NTE) from 1946 to 2095.

Design/methodology/approach – This paper enables the feedback loop concept rooted in general system theory to identify positive and negative feedback loops between tourism and the NTE. The study is based on selective literature on the topic.

Findings – The paper recognises the volatility of positive and negative loops in the past and the dominance of positive feedback loops in the future. This paper also identifies the primary triggers of the feedback loops as technological, economic, environmental, political, social and market.

Research limitations/implications – Selective literature review and abstracting from the impact of other industries on the recognised feedback loops are the main limitations of the study.

Practical implications – The development of both tourism and the NTE should be considered and planned just through the prism of their feedback loops.

Originality/value – The feedback loop concept is proposed to explain the general logic of dynamics of the relationship between tourism and the NTE.

Keywords: NTE, Night-time economy, Urbantourism, General system theory, Feedback loop, Tourism futures

Paper type – General review

Citation: Zmyslony, P. and Pawlusiński, R. (2019), Tourism and the night-time economy: the perspective article, „Tourism Review”, 75(1), 194-197 DOI 10.1108/TR-05-2019-0158

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