Consumer response to promotional pricing of urban tourism product: The case of Poznań (Poland) [publikacja]

Piotr Zmyślony

Abstract: The paper refers to consumer involvement in unusual promotional activities, which are simultaneous 50% price cuts of basic tourism services in the city. The aim of the paper is to estimate how long promotional pricing in the form of a marketing event organized once a year can produce positive consumer response and therefore can be considered as an effective marketing tool. A survey among consumers and organisations involved in the event has been carried out since the very first edition and has been repeated using the same methodology. The findings show that consumers reactions to promotional pricing and thus the effectiveness of this marketing tool decreases after the third event edition. Moreover, despite the growing number of the services sold up to the third edition the share of visitors in consumer structure fluctuates with a decreasing tendency.

Keywords: promotional pricing, place marketing, consumer behaviour, cities, Poland

Zmyślony P. (2012). Consumer response to promotional pricing of urban tourism product: The case of Poznań (Poland), „Actual Problems of Economics”, 2(7), 84-93.


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