CB vs CVB – what is the difference between the tasks and roles of European and North American convention bureaux? [publication]


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to analyse the divergence between the tasks and roles of
convention bureaux (CB) in North America and Europe.

Design/methodology/approach – A survey among 55 CB’ managers was conducted. A total of 75% of
respondents represented institutions operating in European cities, 25% – in North American ones. This
research mainly focused on managers’ opinions about the importance of tasks and roles performed by
CB and the degree to which the institutions manage to fulfil them. Therefore, importance-performance
analysis was used in the study.

Findings – CB in North America and Europe broadly differ as to the characteristics of both groups of
institutions. They include their time of operation, number of employees, annual budget and types of
events that CB try to attract to the cities that they represent. There are no such differences when it comes
to the importance and performance of institutions’ tasks and roles. The way in which managers evaluate
them is quite similar because the respondents pay the closest attention to the roles of a marketer and an
agent of a city played by a convention bureau. Differences lie in the meaning assigned by managers to
the particular tasks of surveyed institutions.

Originality/value – The survey was carried out on a relatively small sample dominated by European
institutions. However, the study attempts at investigating the roles and tasks of CB, with only few previous
studies on this topic, including the ones comparing CB’ activity in different countries or on different
continents. Moreover, proposed recommendations might be useful for a large group of managers and do
not have to be limited only to institutions from Europe and North America.

Keywords Convention bureau, CVB, Meetings industry, Europe, North America

Paper type Research paper


Latuszek, N. (2021). CB vs CVB – what is the difference between the tasks and roles of European and North American convention bureaux? International Journal of Tourism Cities [PDF].

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