Internationalization of tourism management in Polish cities: Strategies, marketing and structures [publikacja]

Piotr Zmyślony

Abstract: In cities global drivers are coupled to local conditions of tourism development. Urban tourism industry, treated as an urban function, is subject to intensive internationalization, and because of its heterogeneity and complementarity it may influence the internationalization of a whole city. Internationalization of the tourist function has an impact on management activities per-formed by urban DMOs. The aim of the paper is to indicate the scope and extent of internationalization of destination management in Poland’s ten biggest cites. On the basis of an exhaustive questionnaire survey conducted in 2013 three spheres of adaptations have been identified: strategy, marketing, changes to DMOs’ organizational structures and collabo-ration. In addition, three modes of tourism internationalization have been distinguished: active (Gdańsk and Lublin), reactive (Bydgoszcz, Szczecin and Wrocław), active-reactive (Katowice and Poznań) and secondary (Kraków, Łódź and Warsaw). However, multi-level and multi-organizational system of destination governance in Poland does not allow taking full ad-vantage of internationalization of the tourist function.

Keywords: globalization, internationalization, city tourism, tourism management, Poland.

Zmyślony, P. (2014). Internationalization of tourism management in Polish cities: Strategies, marketing and structures, „European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation” 5(3), 69-89. [PDF]

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