Kolejna przebita dętka, kolejna wizyta w Bike Park, kolejna lektura, znów monumentalna. I o wiele starsza od poprzedniej, czyli można bez przesady stwierdzić, że przesądzająca o rozwoju polskiej turystyki kolarskiej. Na rowerze. Przewodnik turysty kolarza pod red. Fr. Ks. Sawickiego z 1953 roku.


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Zmyślony Turysta: Na rowerze – nogi, alkohol, papierosy


Motion and movement are essential characteristics of the tourists’ behaviour in the city. Tourists move between attractions. A city could be compared to a scene where a daily spectacle is going on and tourists, alongside with the residents and other newcomers, take part in it. The displacement of tourists, their movement in space resembles, metaphorically speaking, a dance. Tourists, like dancers, move to create a daily spectacle.

Using the metaphor of a dance one can describe the behaviour of tourists in urban space using measurable indicators. Taking into consideration the parameters describing a dance, such as: performers, path (line) of the motion, rhythm, pace, mood, emotions, steps, style, social conventions, scenery, atmosphere of the place, and audience one can select a few of them, which will describe and measure tourists’ behaviour in urban space.

Czytaj dalej

Tourists’ dances on urban stage


The majority of people live in urban areas today, and 80% of global GDP is generated in cities. By 2050, the urban population will most likely account for 70% of the world’s population and cities in today’s developing world will represent 95% of this global urban growth. This carries enor- mous potential for wealth creation and an increase in urban travel from an expanding middle class, not least from large countries like China and India. Meanwhile, this global development puts heavy pressure on the cities, and DMOs will need to take on a collaborative role in ensuring that visitor growth does not come at the expense of the destination’s local quality and liveability.

Wonderful Copenhagen, Strategy 2020, p. 5.

Global urban travellers and DMOs’ task